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If you were recently injured, especially in a car / 18 wheeler accident , you should seek help from a medical professional, even if you don’t instantly feel pain. It is not uncommon for the real pain and injuries to begin to cause you discomfort a few days after an accident. Because of this and to ensure that no deeper injuries that can cause long-term distress occurred, going to a physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist is of very high importance.

Car / 18 Wheeler Accident Injuries

Soft tissue damage can begin to show effect in generally one of three ways:

  • Pain symptoms show 1-2 hours after an accident, once the adrenaline rush has gone.
  • Pain symptoms show 24-48 hours after an accident.
  • Pain symptoms and headaches show 1-2 weeks after an accident.

Another factor of accidents that many people overlook is the possibility that the victim may have suffered a head injury. Though the issues may not be instantly noticeable, suffering a head injury can come with devastating results if not properly treated. These can occur because of a concussion, and may require significant rehabilitation.

If you are experiencing any head pain, or any form of physical pain after an accident, we urge you to contact Allied Medical Centers. Our Houston injury rehabilitation center can come to your aid, ensure that no conditions go untreated, and that you get the help you need. We can help you come to a successful recovery.

Other Types of Treatment

In addition to our accident and TBI recovery response, we can treat a variety of other conditions at Allied Medical Centers. We can assist you with pain managementback and spine pain, chiropractic treatments, repeated stress injuries, and more. We have a diverse team of providers who come from a multidisciplinary areas, all of whom can work together to treat you. We have 20+ convenient locations and we welcome walk-ins! Si hablamos español.

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